Our Mission


+To prepare the faithful and help them answer their calling to serve in God’s one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church, specifically but not exclusively, within the Independent Sacramental Movement.

+To provide the seeker with a well rounded education in, philosophy, theology, church history, mysticism, pastoral counseling, and independent catholicism, with a specific emphasis on the distinctives of Celtic Christianity.

+To pursue an understanding of our faith within the context of a quest guided by Holy Writ, Celtic Christian spirituality, catholic tradition, a generous orthodoxy, and a reforming reason, all stemming from the continued revelation of the Holy Spirit active within our lives.

+To discover our dependence on the transforming power of God, the enabling Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the abiding presence of the the Holy Spirit.

+To educate for spiritual renewal, global responsibility, and to mobilize people for ministry.

+To nurture an academic community for the courageous and rigorous exchange of intellectual and spiritual ideas of faith while at the same time, discovering new paradigms of being a community of faith in a post-modern world.