Certificates & Degrees


Whithorn School of Theology offers course work through distance learning, and in residence at various locations and associate academic institutions. All students will be assigned an academic mentor who will advise and shepherd them through the applicable program or programs. Students are encouraged to maintain close contact with their mentor during enrollment.

A portfolio evaluation to determine the necessary course of study and required courses for a degree will be completed in consultation between the prospective student and the student’s academic mentor of the school.

Our educational methodology is problem-based, and every student negotiates an individualized learning program based on prior education and experience.

Courses of study at Whithorn School of Theology are designed to reflect a fundamental commitment to systematic scholarship and free inquiry which are essential in preparing students for the priesthood Independent Sacramental Movement. The curriculum is designed to be at once thoroughly professional and rigorously academic, providing a balance between academic reflections and field experience. Faculty expectations in the various courses are clearly outlined at the beginning of the study and a flexible curriculum for the achievement of these expectations has been designed.


Whithorn welcomes students interested in pursuing their theological or ministerial education without obtaining a degree. Such students may simply take one or another of the courses offered or they may follow a program leading to a Certificate of Completion. In the latter case WST offers a variety of 15 credit hour Certificate Programs that can typically be completed within a 9 month time frame or sooner as either a stand alone program or in conjunction with a degree track program.


The regular degree programs at Whithorn School of Theology consists of: