Whithorn School of Theology, in the tradition of the “free church” reality, maintains a strict position of the separation of church and state, not wanting to have any governmental agency dictate to us what we may or may not teach. The Christian Way is under great assault these days and we intend to maintain the highest standard of clarity and candor where virtue and Christian principles are concerned. Whithorn School of Theology does not carry regional accreditation and is not registered with or in association with the U.S. Department of Education.

WST’s application for exemption from Missouri’s statutory provisions regulating private post-secondary education has been approved by the Missouri Department of Higher Education. The Coordinating Board for Higher Education has found that our school meets the criteria for exemption as outlined by the State of Missouri, and may operate as a bona fide seminary legally granting undergraduate and graduate religious degrees.

Credits taken at Whithorn School of Theology may or may not transfer to other schools and colleges. If you are in need of a program that requires regional accreditation, you may want to check with that program first to see if they will accept credits taken at our school.