Certificate in Queer Theology

Certificate in Queer Theology (15 Credit Hours) The study of Queer Theology is one of the four core elements of Whithorn School of Theology and the various academic programs offered. The purpose of this certificate program is to expose students to current theological thinking and how these readings both challenge, extend, and deepen the Christian […]

Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) This is a degree for the professional clergyman, who can demonstrate twelve (12) years in active Christian Ministry but has not had any formal academic training. Admission to this program requires an entrance examination and the 12 years of ministry must be documented to be of a full time, professional […]

Doctor of Theology

Doctor of Theology (Th. D.) This degree is designed for students with a graduate degree in religion, a M. Div., or its equivalent, who wish to pursue research in original research in areas within the scope of Independent/Old Catholic or Celtic Christian belief and practice. This requires two full years (24 months) under the direction […]

Certificate in Mindfulness

Certificate in Mindfulness (15 Credit Hours) Program Objectives The Certificate in Mindfulness program is specifically designed to provide a strong foundation in the history,practice, and theory of mindfulness from within a Christian perspective and to provide for an overview of various prayer forms, traditions, and meditations This program is especially suitable for Christian clergy, health […]

Certificate in Christian Mysticism

Certificate in Christian Mysticism (15 Credit Hours) Program Objectives This contemplative term is specifically designed for an overview into the great mystics of the church, various prayer traditions, and meditations. This term is designed for a “walk on the mystical side of the faith.” Student Expectations A fifteen hundred word or five page expectation paper […]

Certificate in Christian Theology

Certificate in Christian Theology (15 Credit Hours) Program Objectives An introduction traditional and progressive theological issues. This course deals with an understanding of the systematic positions of the major theologians of the Christian Church. A close look at the theology of the Independent Sacramental Movement is attempted. There is a focus on the students ability […]

Certificate in Liturgics

Certificate in Liturgics (15 Credit Hours) Program Objectives This certificate program is an introduction to an understanding of the principles of liturgy. There is specific study of the various aspects of Celtic Christian liturgy. Students are expected to provide a demonstration of an understanding of the liturgy. They will study the significance of the calendar, […]

Certificate in the Cure of Souls

Certificate in Cure of the Souls (15 Credit Hours) Program Objectives This certificate program will attempt to teach all of the dynamics available to the pastor for spiritual healing and study of the resources available in the community for referral. There is emphasis on the danger of amateur and non-professional psychological counseling. A detailed look […]

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Certificate in Biblical Studies (15 Credit Hours) Program Objectives The Lector was historically the person who read the Psalms at meal time, but he or she also taught the brothers and sisters of communities how to read and write. Usually this person was in charge of the Scriptorium. Introduction to the Bible. Basic introduction into […]