Associate of Biblical Studies

Associate of Biblical Studies (A.B.S.)
(60 Credit Hours Biblical Studies)

The Associate of Biblical Studies program is designed to provide an introduction to the study of Holy Scripture. The program is 60 semester hours in length and provides a foundation for the study of Scripture for all Christians and especially for those desiring to enter the pulpit ministry.

  • Old Testament Survey

    Section 1 Creation and Blessing (5 credits)
    ABS01 Creation
    ABS02 The Image of God in Man
    ABS03 The Fall
    ABS04 The Covenant with Abraham
    ABS05 The Patriarchal Blessing

    Section 2 The Giving of the Law (6 credits)
    ABS06 Joseph, Moses, and the Exodus
    ABS07 The Passover
    ABS08 The Giving of the Law
    ABS09 The Tabernacle
    ABS10 Arron and the Priesthood
    ABS11 Old Testament Sacrificial System

    Section3 The Land and its People (6 credits)
    ABS12 Joshua and the Conquest of Canaan
    ABS13 The Cycle of Judges
    ABS14 The Monarchy
    ABS15 David
    ABS16 Solomon and the Temple
    ABS17 The Divided Kingdom

    Section 4 The Prophets Part I (6 credits)
    ABS18 Elijah
    ABS19 Isaiah
    ABS20 Jeremiah
    ABS21 The Exile
    ABS22 Ezekiel
    ABS23 Daniel

    Section 5 The Prophets Part II (3 credits)
    ABS24 Ezra and Nehemiah
    ABS25 Amos and Hosea
    ABS26 Joel, Micah, and Habakkuk

    Section 6 The Wisdom Books (5 credits)
    ABS27 Characteristics of Wisdom Literature
    ABS28 Psalms
    ABS29 Ecclesiastes
    ABS30 Job

  • New Testament Survey

    Section 7 The Coming of Christ (4 credits)
    ABS31 The Intertestamental Period
    ABS32 John the Baptist
    ABS33 The Birth of Jesus
    ABS34 The Early Years of Jesus’ Life

    Section 8 The Early Ministry of Christ (6 credits)
    ABS35 The Baptism and Temptation of Christ
    ABS36 Jesus’ Inaugural Address and Public Ministry
    ABS37 The Teachings of Jesus: Parables
    ABS38 Interpreting Parables
    ABS39 The Miracles of Jesus

    Section 9 The Later Ministry of Christ (6 credits)
    ABS40 The Caesarea-Philippi Confession
    ABS41 The Transfiguration
    ABS42 The Triumphal Entry
    ABS43 The Cross
    ABS44 The Resurrection
    ABS45 The Ascension

    Section 10 Messages to the Early Church (4 credits)
    ABS46 Pentecost
    ABS47 Expansion of the Early Church – Acts
    ABS48 The Conversion of Paul

    Section 11 Messages to a Growing Church (6 credits)
    ABS49 Romans
    ABS50 1 and 2 Corinthians
    ABS51 Prison Epistles
    ABS52 1 and 2 Timothy
    ABS53 Hebrews
    ABS54 General Epistles

    Section 12 The End Times (3 credits)
    ABS55 Introduction to Revelation
    ABS56 The Christ of Revelation
    ABS57 The Glory of God