Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)
(60 Credits Systematic Theology in addition to 60 Credits Biblical Studies)

The Bachelor of Theology program is designed to provide a basic formation in Sacred Scripture and in systematic theology. It is offered to all Christians who want to deepen their knowledge of Scripture and theology, and to all students generally who desire basic knowledge in those two areas.

  • Systematic Theology (60 Credits)

Section 1 Nature of Theology (3 credits)
BT201 What is Theology
BT202 Scope and Purpose of Theology
BT203 General Revelation and Natural Theology

Section 2 Scripture (5 credits)
BT204 Special Revelation
BT205 Inspiration and Authority of Scripture
BT206 Infallibility and Inerrancy
BT207 Canonicity
BT208 Scripture and Authority

Section 3 Nature of God (5 credits)
BT209 Knowledge of God
BT210 One in Essence
BT211 Three in Person
BT212 Incommunicable Attributes
BT213 Communicable Attributes

Section 4 Acts of God (3 credits)
BT214 Decrees
BT215 Providence
BT216 Creatio Ex Nihilo

Section 5 Creation (2 credits)
BT217 Angels and Demons
BT218 The Creation of Man

Section 6 Reality of Sin (3 credits)
BT219 The Nature of Sin
BT220 Original Sin
BT221 Transmission of Sin

Section 7 Promises of God (1 credit)
BT222 The Covenants

Section 8 Christology (8 credits)
BT223 The Christ of the Bible
BT224 The Christ of the Creeds
BT225 The Names of Christ
BT226 The States of Christ
BT227 The Offices of Christ
BT228 The Substitutionary Atonement
BT229 Why Did Christ Die
BT230 The Extent of Atonement

Section 9 The Holy Spirit (6 credits)
BT231 The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
BT232 The Holy Spirit in the New Testament
BT233 The Paraclete
BT234 The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
BT235 The Gifts of the Spirit
BT236 The Fruit of the Spirit

Section 10 Faith for Today (8 credits)
BT237 Are Miracles for Today
BT238 Common Grace
BT239 Election and Reprobation
BT240 Effectual Calling
BT241 Saving Faith
BT242 Justification by Faith Alone
BT243 Adoption and Union with Christ
BT244 Sanctification

Section 11 The Catholic & Apostolic Church (10 credits)
BT245 Perseverance of the Saints
BT246 The Church: One and Holy
BT247 The Church Catholic and Apostolic
BT248 Biblical Images of the Church
BT249 Worship in the Church
BT250 The Sacraments of the Church
BT251 Baptism
BT252 The Lord’s Supper
BT253 Death and the Intermediate State
BT254 The Resurrection

Section 12 Kingdom Come (6 credits)
BT255 The Kingdom of God
BT256 The Millennium
BT257 The Return of Christ
BT258 The Final Judgment
BT259 Eternal Punishment
BT260 Heaven and Earth Made New