Honorary Doctor of Divinity

Honorary Doctor of Divinity (D. D.)

The Honorary of Doctor of Divinity is awarded by Whithorn School of Theology very selectively and rarely and never upon independent application. It is included in this list so that students and the general public may recognize the nature of the degree when it is presented.

The Doctor of Divinity degree is presented to people in the general community who have made a significant contribution to religion and Christianity by their work and/or activities.

This degree is an honorary degree and can not be earned by academic means or applied for independently. The person selected for this degree must demonstrate major contributions in Christian care and love, reflecting the highest standards of devotion and self sacrifice over the course of a lifetime.

The candidate for this degree must be selected by the Board of Directors and approved by the Board of Trustees, of Whithorn School of Theology. The degree is seen by Whithorn School of Theology to be a degree issued in Episcopal Recognition and Honor for a Christian life well lived.