Master of Arts in Celtic Christianity

Master of Arts in Celtic Christianity (M.A.C.C.)
(40 Credit Hours)

The Christian Church, as it spread into the Celtic lands of the western part of Europe, developed its own particular traits as it influenced, and was influenced by, the Celtic peoples of those lands. This program, building upon the history of the Celtic peoples, studies the Celtic culture and the Christian Church that served it, showing forth all its richness and depth, and at the same time points to the values it can contribute to our Christian life today.

Organization of the program:

– For each topic the student will read one or more books as assigned.
– The student will then write a reflective report on each book read.
– The topics in Parts 1 and 2 are required for all students.
– Each completed topic earns three credits.
– The final research paper earns five credits.
– To be granted the degree the student must successfully complete a minimum of 40 credits.

  • Section 1 – History of the Celts

1. Early history (before Christianity)
2. Celtic Christianity
3. Celtic monasticism
4. Brehon laws

  • Section 2 – The Celtic Christian Church

1. Celtic Mythology
2. Celtic Christian religion
3. Irish penitentials

  • Section 3 – Elective Areas of Study

1. Celtic theology
2. Celtic spirituality
3. Spiritual direction in Celtic spirituality
4. Celtic liturgies
5. Celtic saints
6. Celtic holy places
7. The voyage of Brendan the Navigator
8. The Pelagian controversy
9. The theology of John Scotus Eriugena
10. Celtic Christian communities today
11. Other areas of study are possible, at the request of the student

  • Section 4 – Research and Reflection Paper

Length: 20-30 pages
Topic: student’s choice.