Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
(90 Credit Hours)

The Master of Divinity program is designed to prepare religious leaders competent to serve in various situations and contexts, and more particularly to provide professional training for church-related ministries. The heart of the program is the required biblical, theological and practical course subjects which provide a broad foundation for an effective ministry within the wide spectrum of churches in which its students will minister, and more particularly within the autocephalous sacramental movement. Prerequisite for entry into the program is a baccalaureate degree and a basic ability in the research, study and writing skills needed in a graduate program of study.

  • Section 1 General or Core Areas of Study

+Introduction to Ministry
+History of Christianity
-History of Celtic Christianity
-History of the Independent Sacramental Movement
+Old Testament
+New Testament
+Christian Doctrine
+Essential Teachings of the Christian Churches
+Current Directions in Theology:
-Liberation Theology
-Feminist Theology

  • Section 2 Moral Doctrine

+Christian Moral Theology
+Contemporary Moral Issues
+Professional Ethics
+Ecological Ethics
+Conflict Resolution

  • Section 3 Ministerial Needs

+Pastoral Care
+Spiritual Direction
+Religious Education
+Queer Studies
-Nature of Queerness
-Ministry to Queer Persons
+Clinical Pastoral Education

  • Section 4 Ministerial Field Placement

+Training in the needs of the student’s specific ministerial choices such as but not limited to religious community, social services, prison chaplaincy, hospital chaplaincy, hospice ministry, campus ministry, et cetera.

  • Section 5 Language Arts

+Recommended: Study of a language, classical or modern, to the level of a proficient reading knowledge.