Class costs are kept to a minimum. WST does not charge a credit hour tuition for students but rather courses are “given away” in the ministry and the name of the One who has given all for us: Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Even so, Scripture tells us that “the laborer is worth his wages” and so free will donations made directly to the faculty, staff, and mentors are enthusiastically encouraged and supported.

We endeavor to keep our enrollment extremely liberal where active ministry and life experience really means something as we attempt to nurture an academic community for the courageous and rigorous exchange of intellectual and spiritual ideas of faith, while at the same time, discovering new paradigms of being a community of faith in a post-modern world.

There are, however minimal usual and customary fees and deposits necessary for the continuation of the educational ministry of Whithorn School of Theology. These fees, associated with administrative costs, are relatively straightforward and in most cases, affordable to the average student.

The expense of books and materials needed for each class is the financial responsibility of every student. However, in some instances a refundable Materials and Technology Deposit is available for students wishing to borrow books from WST’s vast library facilities.

“We give with hands overflowing, what we have received with hands empty.” -Our Common Rule of Life from the Order of the Shepherd’s Heart


Application Fee: $50.00
Refundable Materials and Technology Deposit: $75.00
Portfolio Evaluation (Life Experience and Academic Assessment) $150.00
Certificate Program Fee: $100.00
Undergraduate Program Fee: $400.00
Graduate Program Fee: $800.00
Postgraduate Program Fee: $1,200.00
Certification and Graduation Fee: $100.00

*Unless otherwise noted, all fees paid to Whithorn School of Theology are nonrefundable.